For other kind of Children’s magic show likes school function, company party...etc. please contact for the detail.

Caution: Be careful not to die laughing

The featured 60 minutes Birthday Party Magic Show is running with:

Superb Laughing joke for kids,

Amazing magic effect not only for Kids but also Parents,

Interacted colorful Magic with kids,

Starring the Birthday Kid as a Super Magician to perform with Andy,

A Magic Birthday Card as the unforgettable gift to the Birthday kid,

Also Balloon Figures will be given to all kids.

Andy will prepare all the Show necessities, even with Portable Sound system. Therefore, no worries at all, just enjoy~~!

Arrangement Suggestion:
    This is a Live Theatre created for your child. You can help making the most of this experience by keeping distractions to a minimum. The show should be indoors, against a wall with an open space for the children to sit on the floor. The fewer obstacles between them and the show; the better reaction. Not recommend giving the children foods or drinks during the show, or their enthusiasm and your carpet will suffer. Noise can be a distraction too, background conversations better take place in another room. Besides,... 

    This is a Great Opportunity for Parents to experience some magical wonderful memories with their children.

Please contact for the Performance fee 

Magically yours, Andy Ko!

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